• this years big trip, tulum mexico!

    i am super excited about this years trip, it will be shelby’s first trip out of the us, and our first time visiting mexico! we had originally planned to just visit florida again but after looking at our options for airbnb’s nothing really got us excited. we wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical, but […]

  • how have things been going

    it was really great to have a good chunk of time off after shelby was born and also to be able to spend it someone warm, everyone should have that option. we have been back almost two months and it really has been pretty ok, i wasn’t super excited to get back to work after […]

  • wrapping up our two months in florida

    we only have a couple more weeks before we start making our trip home to baltimore, its really been a great time relaxing and getting to see this little person grow, its really been a dramatic change from just a few months ago. i am gonna miss being able to spend the day focused on […]

  • i would like to introduce…

    as many of you know we were planning on having a home birth but due to some very unexpected circumstances that didn’t happen. on september 7th, we were at about 38 weeks, and katie’s water had broken. over the next 24 hours there were no sign’s of labor, and there were no indications that there […]